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We’ve made the admission process at Fairview Treatment Center simple and easy for your convenience. Call us today at (985) 395-6750 ext. 100 and ask for our admissions coordinator, Stephonia Kirt (Steph), to get the process started.

Important information about the admissions process

  1. Fairview Treatment Center will verify your Medicaid status. If your Medicaid is up to date, we can conduct a brief phone assessment to determine preliminarily if you qualify for the level of care that we provide. If you do, we will schedule an admit appointment and after your arrival, we will secure a service authorization, which will determine your length of stay with us.
  2. Fairview Treatment Center does accept private insurance. It is very important for you to tell us if you have private insurance and Medicaid because we are obligated to notify your private carrier, your Medicaid becomes secondary. Fairview Treatment Center is only in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and United Health Care at this time. All other private insurance carriers are considered out of network. However, we will file your claim to an out of network insurance carrier.
  3. Self-pay clients are also accepted. Self-pay clients may also be eligible for state block grant coverage. In order to determine eligibility for state block grant coverage, the client must report to the nearest state-funded outpatient clinic for a substance abuse assessment. This assessment will be evaluated and processed through our regional office. Once eligibility is determined and approved, the client can be scheduled to be admitted.

What to Expect Upon Admission

Knowing what to expect upon admission to our rehab or detox program can help you to be more relaxed and prepared when you arrive at our facility. Following is a brief description of what you can expect to happen immediately after you sign in to begin treatment.

Detox Program

  • You will be screened and assessed by clinical staff members to determine whether you meet the criteria for treatment in the detox program.
  • After being admitted to the program, you will be evaluated by a doctor within 24 hours.
  • Following evaluation, you will be admitted to the nursing unit and treatment will begin.
  • All medications (whether for withdrawal symptoms or other medical conditions) will be administered to you by a nurse.
  • You will be monitored very frequently the first 72 hours that you are on the detox unit for safety, and for periodic assessment of your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Upon completion of detoxification, you will be strongly encouraged to continue treatment in a rehab program – either at Fairview or another program of your choice.

Rehab Program

  • You will immediately be screened for drugs, alcohol, and other health conditions that could affect your treatment.
  • Upon entering the unit, you will undergo a contraband search.
  • You will undergo an orientation to learn the rules and expectations of the program, as well as your rights as a client, and get more details on your daily routine.
  • You will meet with an admissions counselor and a therapeutic treatment plan will be created to meet your individual needs.
  • You will be assigned a primary counselor who will monitor your case and track your progress throughout treatment.
  • Your counselor will also introduce you to the people in your therapy group before you begin participating in group counseling sessions.
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