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At Fairview Treatment Center we understand that addiction can have a very destructive effect on every aspect of your life. Our services are designed to help you overcome your addiction – and we also take care to treat you with the dignity, respect, and understanding you need and deserve.

In addition to providing rehabilitation and detoxification, our services encompass case management, spiritual support, art therapy, recreational activities, and more. We take a holistic approach to treatment by addressing your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as part of your individualized treatment plan.

The detox program at Fairview Treatment Center is a medically monitored program that offers clients a means to safely withdraw from alcohol and/or substance abuse. The detox unit is staffed by local physicians, along with a full nursing staff, to make certain all medications provided are appropriate and are given in accordance with the medical protocol for this program. Clients undergo detox for a minimum of three days and up to seven days depending on their condition. Additionally, clients are able to meet with the counseling staff to assess their readiness for change – as well as to educate and assist the detox client in developing an appropriate discharge plan.

Detox Male Beds Detox Female Beds Total Detox Beds
5 5 10

The rehab program at Fairview Treatment Center is a medically monitored unit that offers the client intensive inpatient therapy for up to thirty (30) days. Our rehab philosophy is based on the belief that the client’s addiction is a symptom of a much deeper emotional state of mind. Our goal is to determine what brought the client to his/her addiction in order to provide the most effective treatment. While we work within the 12-step framework, there are numerous therapeutic interventions that we utilize to help clients cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), grief, anger, depression, and other mood disorders – as well as other social and emotional pain at the root of their addictive behaviors.

Rehab Male Beds Rehab Female Beds Total Rehab Beds
26 17 43

Continuing to maintain sobriety is the goal of all after-care planning – as this is vital to successful long-term recovery. Our case management staff works with each client to make certain they have an after-care plan suitable to their long-term success.

Fairview Treatment Center believes in a holistic approach to recovery. We embrace local clergy to provide spiritual support and guidance to our recovery community. Clients who are able to reconnect to their faith and spiritual beliefs often find that this helps them to heal by bringing comfort and strength to them as they move forward toward long-term sobriety.

We see art therapy as another means for clients to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a healthy way. Weekly reflections expressed through art projects consistently provide more insight into the client’s addiction and enables them to see their own progress through their own creative lens.

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