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Fairview Treatment Center is focused on providing you or your loved one with the compassionate care needed to help you achieve sober living – and to maintain long-term sobriety after your recovery. As a program within St. Mary Parish Government, we provide intensive inpatient treatment for individuals suffering from chronic, persistent alcohol and/or substance abuse. Fairview Treatment Center offers two programs – inpatient detox (ASAM Level 3.7D) and rehab (ASAM Level 3.5).

Our program mantra is “Never Give Up” on sober living. We believe that every day our program offers people an opportunity to change their lives for the better. As such, our staff of medical and counseling professionals and support personnel have dedicated their careers to treating addictive disorders and serving the people of our community.

Located in the south Louisiana community of Bayou Vista (near Morgan City), Fairview serves both male and female adults by utilizing proven therapies and treatments to help them achieve sobriety.

Addiction Support


Our mission is to provide an acutely high risk population a safe environment with intensive, client-centered treatment in preparation for sober living.


Our vision is to be recognized as the best in the state in service to our recovery community at all times.

Our treatment philosophy and values include:

  1. Client-Centered Care: We provide client-centered care through the use of motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, individual sessions, and group sessions. These sessions address issues including PTSD, co-occurring disorders, anger management, and grief – which are all essential parts of our care delivery model.
  2. Ongoing Staff Learning and Training: In order to provide you with the best possible care, our staff engages in ongoing learning, training, and testing on core competencies. This helps us to remain up to date and continually improve the quality of care delivered.
  3. Deep Confidentiality: We believe that all our clients deserve respect and their confidentiality is of the highest priority. This extends to family members, guests, and visitors.
  4. Welcome: Whether in person or by phone, we understand the importance of extending a warm welcome to our guests, visitors, clients and staff.
  5. Respect and Adherence/Compliance:  We believe that clients deserve our utmost respect and patience as they work to regain their own sense of self-worth and control. We also believe that adherence to the policies and procedures of this institution – as well as our governing authority – assures compliance, which reinforces our position as a reputable treatment center.
  6. Quality Assurance: Ongoing performance improvement, quality assurance, and performance audits are essential to maintaining the highest standard of care at all times.
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